Today is a great day to be a Fuzzy Mathlete! Let us explain why. We love numbers, and we love pie, and pizza-pie, and “Life of Pi”… National Pi Day is always celebrated on March 14, but this year it’s Pi Day to the extreme because the date is 3/14/15 (pi = 3.14159…). Pi, or the… Read more »

Fuzzy Math Focus: Angelina Cole

From journalism to retail, yoga to running a book club, and advertising to UX, Angelina Cole has truly tested the waters of many life and career options. Now that she has completed an internship with Fuzzy math, here’s a look into the road that led Angelina to her current role with us.   FM: What did you… Read more »

Summer 2015 UX Internship at Fuzzy Math in Chicago

Fuzzy Math is a user experience design, strategy, and innovation firm in Chicago. We are seeking one interesting, talented person to join us this summer to design, strategize, and innovate for our clients. This internship will allow you to “learn by doing” as you’ll be fully integrated into our team delivering on client projects and… Read more »

Building interactive mobile prototypes within the UX workflow

Wireframes and Photoshop comps are invaluable tools when designing mobile apps, but they miss critical components: interaction and animation. Clickable, usable mobile prototypes help bridge this gap, and are essential tools when designing, testing, and validating mobile systems. Today, there are two primary categories of mobile prototyping tools—those focusing on screen flows, and those focusing… Read more »

Workshop on Service Design Storytelling

Key Question: How would you quickly help a group of service design enthusiasts to understand the responsibilities, best practices, and key elements of storyboarding within user experience design? This past Tuesday, Fuzzy Math led the last in a three-part series of focused workshops by Service Design Chicago leading up to the Service Design Jam Chicago…. Read more »

Fuzzy Math Focus: Nicole Sciackitano

Born in Chicago and raised in the ‘burbs, Nicole Sciackitano is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of city life. After a stint in New York, Nicole decided there’s nothing better than our sweet home Chicago. She has had quite the interesting career path, which ultimately led her to us, and we must say that Fuzzy Math is… Read more »

New UI on the Block: Apple Releases Interaction Design Kit for Apple Watch

In case you missed it, Apple released the first draft of the interaction design kit for the Apple Watch last week. Wearables have become increasingly prevalent in our cultural lexicon over the course of the past few years, varying in focus from productivity, data collection, just-plain-cool-gizmo-from-the-future and a combination of all three. The rise of wearable… Read more »

5 Fuzzy Math Clients Made the List: Chicago’s Top 100 Digital Companies

You read that correctly. Just yesterday, builtinchicago.org posted its list of the Top 100 Digital Companies in Chicago, which included five companies we proudly consider our friends. They are: Fieldglass, Vibes, NCSA Athletic Recruiting, ifbyphone, and VHT, and they do some amazing work. You should check them out. Something we found noteworthy in the original article… Read more »

Project Spotlight: Chicago Architecture Foundation – Interaction Concepting and Interface Design

This is the third and final entry in our series discussing how Fuzzy Math is helping the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) with its Discover Design initiative. During the research and synthesis phases, Discover Design’s challenges were constructively reframed, and the goals were identified and validated. The next logical step was to figure out how to effectively move forward; hence, it became time to… Read more »

In the Tradition of Tutelage…

Here at Fuzzy Math, we like to learn about students who are entering the field of user experience (UX) design and do our best to guide and influence them in the right direction. What better way to do this than to take a trip to a neighborhood college and meet some of these students in… Read more »