Enterprise UX: Produce Research Findings Reports with Impact

Once you’ve conducted research, you need to synthesize the data. Many times, this synthesis is the primary value of the engagement. And often, it’s easier to find designers able to conduct research than to find those able to extract meaningful insights that make for impactful findings and recommendations.

Enterprise UX: Selecting and conducting the right research in a business setting

Enterprise UX research can be tough. With many users across many client companies, there’s rarely one right answer to how your product should work. Talking to many people across different companies can help understand who your customers are, and identify powerful opportunities to improve their experience.

Enterprise UX: Finding the right research candidates

In B2B and enterprise software, the paying customers are those with purchasing and decision making powers. However these economic buyers are generally not the same people that use software every day. The are not the end users with whom design research should be targeted. This mismatch between economic buying power and usage can create difficulties in selecting and conducting design research in business setting. In some cases it’s unclear who the end user is and in other cases it’s difficult to speak with them. Here are some tips Fuzzy Math has learned over the past 6 years conducting B2B and enterprise user research.

Help Us Help a Client—Happy Hour on the House

For the past couple weeks, we’ve been working with Collide, a collaborative living community* startup here in Chicago. We’ve been getting up-to-speed with where they are, where they want to go, and doing research focused on their audience and service offering. At the same time, they’ve been heads down putting the finishing touches on their… Read more »

UX Team Growth

The Fuzzy Math birthday wasn’t the only exciting thing we’ve had going on in the office these last few weeks. As of March 23rd, we’ve had one more face join us on the UX side of the office in Becca Noffsinger. Becca has a unique background from the rest of the gang here, as her… Read more »

Happy 6th Birthday, Fuzzy Math

Fuzzy Math had its 6th birthday yesterday, which was really exciting. In a few weeks we’re all heading to Hopleaf to drink (and eat). It’s truly satisfying to look back at the past six years and see all that we have accomplished. Almost all of that is due to the tremendous team Ben and I have hired… Read more »


Today is a great day to be a Fuzzy Mathlete! Let us explain why. We love numbers, and we love pie, and pizza-pie, and “Life of Pi”… National Pi Day is always celebrated on March 14, but this year it’s Pi Day to the extreme because the date is 3/14/15 (pi = 3.14159…). Pi, or the… Read more »

Fuzzy Math Focus: Angelina Cole

From journalism to retail, yoga to running a book club, and advertising to UX, Angelina Cole has truly tested the waters of many life and career options. Now that she has completed an internship with Fuzzy math, here’s a look into the road that led Angelina to her current role with us. FM: What did you study… Read more »

Summer 2015 UX Internship at Fuzzy Math in Chicago

Fuzzy Math is a user experience design, strategy, and innovation firm in Chicago. We are seeking one interesting, talented person to join us this summer to design, strategize, and innovate for our clients. This internship will allow you to “learn by doing” as you’ll be fully integrated into our team delivering on client projects and… Read more »

Building interactive mobile prototypes within the UX workflow

Wireframes and Photoshop comps are invaluable tools when designing mobile apps, but they miss critical components: interaction and animation. Clickable, usable mobile prototypes help bridge this gap, and are essential tools when designing, testing, and validating mobile systems. Today, there are two primary categories of mobile prototyping tools—those focusing on screen flows, and those focusing… Read more »