I am never at a loss for suggesting a name for anything, but most of the time they don’t build a brand or something less technical, like they just stink. Like this blog, for instance. I wanted to name the blog “Fiendship 7”, but Jef over-rode me.

From the Fortean Times:

On 20 February1962, while John Glenn lay flat on his back inside the instrument-packed capsule Friendship 7, a buzzing Torre Bert was packed full of students, professors, children, friends, family, hangers-on and one or two shady characters (of which, more later).

It doesn’t really fit with Fuzzy Math, but it’s so cool to me, and appealed my flight of fancy (pun intended) of us firing off our first official corporate communiques with the outside world.

Now, the 70’s child in me wanted to call it “Warm Fuzzies”, but neither of my Gen Y counterparts remembered these guys:

A warm fuzzies pic I found on the internets, attributing it to "Claire"

A warm fuzzies pic I found on the internets, attributing it to "Claire"

We used to trade these in grade school, and I stuck a bunch of them on the dashboard of my mom’s car. I wish I could still find some today!

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