FreeRange Coming SoonWe just launched the Coming Soon page for FreeRange (, a new web-based application we are building targeted at small businesses seeking to ease the process of staffing projects with freelance talent.

We need this application ourselves and felt there were lots of companies like us. These companies have flexible teams made up of freelancers, contractors, employees and vendors all working on multiple ongoing projects. FreeRange will help them organize all of those contacts and resources, figure out who is working on what when, and resource incoming projects with confidence.

FreeRange can help if you’ve every found yourself asking these questions:

  • Who is working on what right now? Tomorrow? In two weeks?
  • When is that freelancer done with that side project? Can we staff them on this upcoming project?
  • Which resources have the right mix of skill-set, rating, and hourly rate?
  • How many people do we need to contract next month?
  • What did that person work on last month?
  • When can we hire our next full-time employee?

We’re currently working towards the Alpha. If you are interested hearing about updates and partaking in our Private Beta use the sign-up form at the bottom of the page.

For some background on why we are building this read through our blog posts on Project Ranger, the code name we used before we went with FreeRange.

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