Hello all! Here I be! Thanks Ben and Fuzzy Math!

I was going to leave my first blog post as just that but felt the need to clarify one thing. I was BORN in Omaha (*), but I’m not sure I can say I am FROM there. It is one great Midwestern town — and I have still have family there — but I’ve lived 66% of my life in-and-around Chicago. Chicago is my jam. It is where I am from.

I’ve spent the last few years freelancing for various agencies here in the city and felt it was finally time to settle down. As Ben mentioned, I’ll be leading the front-end charge here; coding up sites, html’ing our crazy ideas and promoting Web standards to our clients and comrades. I am very much looking forward to the challenge and am excited to be a part of the team here.

Good design deserves good code.

– Brett

p.s. If anyone has a recipe for a veggie Runza, please contact me. Those things are pipin’ hot!

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