We were sitting back and relaxing the other day, thinking about all the people we have worked with in the first two and half years of Fuzzy Math. Between our current crew, previous workers, and the handful of indie contractors we’ve worked with, it turns out we were very Midwest-centric in where we came from: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin. We never really ventured out of our geographic neighborhood.

We decided that needed to change. So we looked far and wide to see if anyone was interested in helping us expand our reach. Isaac Steiner was up for the challenge all the way from California. Even though he is in Chicago now, he brings his love for surfing, sushi, and graphic design.

While I don’t actually know if he likes surfing or sushi (but is there anything else in California?), I am positive that he brings his love of graphic design. Isaac will be leading up the visual design charge here at Fuzzy Math, helping us continue our growth as we turn yet another page at Fuzzy Math.

Isaac will be along shortly to introduce himself, but for now, Fuzzy Math (and the Midwest) is happy to say:

Welcome aboard, Isaac!

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