Thanks Ben for the introduction! Hello, world. I’d say “Hello Chicago” but as I understand it, the official introduction to the city doesn’t happen until “Winter” arrives, bringing its bounty of candy canes, ice skating on Lake Michigan and endless snow smiling angels.

Being from California with a vast knowledge of surfing and sushi, I think I’ll get along with this Winter just swimmingly. I mean, surfing includes a special costume, just like Winter. And sushi involves wrapping raw things in rice, just like Winter when everything is raw and wrapped in ice. I guess that surfing and sushi are just like Winter because they are mysterious and frightening to newcomers.

I know little about surfing, only some about sushi, and a whole lot about how unprepared I am for a Chicago Winter. So I’m a newcomer. But I’m so very glad to be a part of the talented crew at Fuzzy Math here in Chicago.

I’m even more excited knowing that Fuzzy Math values empathy and clarity in its design. Each of these are core values in good visual design and the work that I do.

Underpinning that work, my traditional visual arts education includes immersive studies in early Italian Renaissance art, faith and history where I learned to listen to context. Professionally I come with 6 years of agency experience where I’ve advocated for clear and compelling visual communication in prototyping, branding, advertising, publications, and interfaces.

Here at Fuzzy Math, I’ll lead the visual look and feel with a care for both sensitivity and precision in craftsmanship. I’ll also follow any good advice to avoid winter snow blindness.


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