The stretch from March to April, and now May, has been one of the busiest ever here at Fuzzy Math: our recent 4th birthday, a new website, multiple new clients and projects, and now, a new user experience designer!

After searching high and low, we stuck with what has worked for us in the past and found someone from the great state of Michigan*. Jared Bryll joins Fuzzy Math from not only Michigan, but more recently the Master of Design program at IIT’s Institute of Design. He brings his passion for design research and idea implementation to the firm, and even has a degree in mechanical engineering to boot! Welcome aboard, Jared! He will be along in the next couple days to tell a little more about himself.

* Fuzzy Math’s ratio of “people we know” to “people we know from Michigan” is surprisingly high. Off the top of my head, all of these nice folks have come to us from Michigan: Jared, Christa, Jamie, Jef, and Ben (not me, the other Ben). I’m not sure if I know five other people from Michigan.

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