We’re happy to say that our recent growth has been much more “growing fun” than “growing pain.” We are confident that our new UX hire, Riley Graham, is going to keep that trend going.

We first crossed paths with Riley nearly three years ago and were impressed with her passion for all things user experience, interest in learning, and thought she had the right personality fit for the team. Fast forward to today, and it’s all still true, but with the bonus of a three more years of work experience.

It doesn’t hurt that she is a fellow alum of DePaul University’s Master in HCI program, so we can do all the top secret Blue Demon handshakes and prototyping techniques (along with Carl and Christa!).

Unlike many Fuzzy Mathers before her, there is no Michigan in Riley’s background, but instead, she’s the first to call the Steel City of Pittsburgh, PA her hometown. We just need to be alert for any Pittsburghese she might drop on us, jano?

Welcome aboard, Riley!

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