Monthly Archives: April 2015

Enterprise UX: Refined Design for Chaotic Systems

Enterprise applications are chaos. They’re built for many users across many organizations using many features in many different ways (to say nothing of the intricacies of groups, departments, and business units). How do you reduce entropy in such a complex system? Read more »

Enterprise UX: Produce Research Findings Reports with Impact

Once you’ve conducted research, you need to synthesize the data. Many times, this synthesis is the primary value of the engagement. And often, it’s easier to find designers able to conduct research than to find those able to extract meaningful insights that make for impactful findings and recommendations. Read more »

Enterprise UX: Finding the Right Research Candidates

In B2B and enterprise software, the paying customers are those with purchasing and decision making powers. However these economic buyers are generally not the same people that use software every day. The are not the end users with whom design research should be targeted. This mismatch between economic buying power and usage can create difficulties in selecting and conducting design research in business setting. In some cases it’s unclear who the end user is and in other cases it’s difficult to speak with them. Here are some tips Fuzzy Math has learned over the past 6 years conducting B2B and enterprise user research. Read more »

UX Team Growth

The Fuzzy Math birthday wasn’t the only exciting thing we’ve had going on in the office these last… Read more »