UX Team Growth

The Fuzzy Math birthday wasn’t the only exciting thing we’ve had going on in the office these last few weeks. As of March 23rd, we’ve had one more face join us on the UX side of the office in Becca Noffsinger.

Becca has a unique background from the rest of the gang here, as her previous life had her working as a web developer. Becca’s resume was loaded with words we typically hear from our clients and/or development partners after we hand our work off: C#, SQL, SOAP & REST API system integration, Visual Studio 2013/2012/2010/2008 Microsoft SQL Server, etc. She’s also a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, which is definitely unique in the office.

Outside of her web dev background, she showed us a real interest in UX by taking the Interaction Design course at CooperU and working on UX projects outside of work. She coupled all the above with an interview that made us all walk out of the room thinking that would make us a better firm.

So far, so good after the first two weeks – welcome aboard, Becca!

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