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Enhancing Sleep Through Technology

Each night during our #FMwearable trial, we utilized our devices to track our sleep and interacted with the data being gathered through mobile apps or the web. Two of the three devices we chose for our trial don’t have to be “worn” on the wrist exclusively. The Misfit Shine has a round, smooth medallion and the Withings Pulse O2 has a small rubberized domino; these act as tracking apparatuses that can be placed in a pajama pocket, while the Fitbit Charge HR must be worn on the wrist in order to track sleep. Additionally, we tested tracking sleep via motion using mobile phone accelerometers over the same period of time. Read more »

Charge HR: Sleeping on it

Getting the Fitbit setup was pretty straight forward — simply download the app from and install it on your machine. Within the app you can choose to setup a new device during which you’ll plug the provided dongle into your computer so that the Fitbit can pair with it. Follow some simple instructions onscreen and you’re ready to go. Read more »

Draw on any Web page

I stumbled upon Markup a few weeks back and love the simplicity of the tool and the ability… Read more »

How sweet CSS3 is

A nice collection of CSS3 examples can be found over at CSS3 Watch. I’m especially diggin’ the umbrUI checkboxes…. Read more »

Daily Drop Cap goes “F”

uzzy Math representin’ the Daily Drop Cap! I stumbled upon Jessica Hische‘s website awhile back and have been following… Read more »

Intro to Math at Montessorium

Yes, it’s name appropriate, but this new app from Montessorium uses great design to create an engaging interactive… Read more »