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A Narrative Experiment

Seeing a set of photos that display your daily routine might not seem interesting, but once you realize… Read more »

Overcoming 5 Common Obstacles in User Research

Through years of experience and hundreds of research sessions across all sorts of users, industries, and products, we’ve developed a rich understanding of what it means to run and participate in research. No two sessions are the same, and there are many obstacles that can come up throughout the research process. Here are a few of the challenges that we’ve seen in the past, and the lessons we’ve learned from each. Read more »

Narrative Clip: 30 Days In

I didn’t have too many expectations. However, I did think I would be so caught up in the experience that I would never forget to bring it with me. This has not been my experience so far. Read more »

Hey Yinz Guys!

Happy Birthday Fuzzy Math
I am so thrilled to be at Fuzzy Math and be apart of the “growing fun,” as opposed… Read more »