Charge HR: Sleeping on it

Getting the Fitbit setup was pretty straight forward — simply download the app from and install it on your machine. Within the app you can choose to setup a new device during which you’ll plug the provided dongle into your computer so that the Fitbit can pair with it. Follow some simple instructions onscreen and you’re ready to go. Read more »

Fitbit Zip: More Than Just a Pedometer

I chose to trial-run the Fitbit Zip through a process of elimination. After careful research about the different wearable options at hand, I realized that most of the devices required a commitment to wear them physically and visibly. I am not one to accessorize much and don’t wear bracelets or watches on a daily basis. Because of this, and because most of the wearables come in a bracelet or watch form, I started to look into other options. Read more »

Getting to Know the Misfit Shine

After a fair amount of research, I narrowed down my decision of which wearable device to test out for the summer; I chose the Misfit Shine for tracking my activity during the Fuzzy Math Wearable Project. Coupled with a fair amount of skepticism, I dove in head first with a general sense of wonder on just how much this tiny little device could impact my behavior. So without further ado, let’s meet the Misfit Shine. Read more »

Charge! A Story of Wearables and Human Awareness

For the FM Wearables project, I’m in the Awareness group. My intent with this project thus far has been to use my Fitbit Charge HR to track my stress levels. Because there are limited ways to track physical signs of stress (I could only really think of heart rate or breathing), I wanted to find a device that measures heart rate. Read more »

Fit and Fancy with the Withings Activité Pop

I’m here to introduce to you the Withings Activité Pop. Yes that’s Activé with an é. This wearable attributes its design to Paris, but is manufactured in China. A stark contrast from it’s older sibling who is proudly Swiss-made, and accordingly priced. That being said, the Activité Pop is no slouch when it comes to design. Read more »

Narrative Clip: 30 Days In

I didn’t have too many expectations. However, I did think I would be so caught up in the experience that I would never forget to bring it with me. This has not been my experience so far. Read more »

Pulse O2: Exploring the Unknowns of Sleep

The mirror bluntly gives you the data: your clothes are (quite) different than they were when you peacefully went to bed and your face has an impression of the Roman Colosseum. (Unfortunately, the mirror can’t give you the other data you’ll later discover: that the moonwalk really doesn’t look that great underwater.) But you trust it because you see it. What sort of insights can be gathered about your sleep from a device you wear? Read more »